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Being a pensioner hasn´t worked out well

Rantings Posted on Fri, December 13, 2019 11:53:48

I became a pensioner (65 years of age) in December of 2013, however I was busy working as Principal of an International School at the time so I didn´t stop working.

In the summer of 2014, when I returned from Delhi after having been Principal of Amity Global School for three years, I had intended to retire ”for real” and take it easy.

It was not to be. By August I was teaching at a local High School in Stockholm (Snitz Gymnasium). Teaching is great fun and I love doing it.

In January of 2015 I found myself working as Vice Principal of a Swedish High School (Nyköpings Gymnasium) where I was responsible for one of their vocational programs until the end of March 2016. After that I returned to being a pensioner again, or so I thought!

By August of 2016 I was once again teaching in a local High School in Stockholm (Magelungens Gymnasium). I guess I would still be there today, however the unexpected happened – as it usually does, and I was recruited by a Headhunter in India to return again to that amazing country.

I was tasked with being the Director and Principal of a new International School in Aurangabad as of January 2017. By October I had the new school up and running and could return to my life as a pensioner in Sweden.

A few months later, in January 2018, I found myself teaching at another local High School (Rytmus Musik Gymnasium) as one of their teachers was off having a baby. She was due to return after the summer, so I could go back to being a pensioner.

Surprise! That didn´t happen.

I found myself teaching at another local High School, the school where I still am now (Mimers Gymnasium).

Perhaps I can become a pensioner this coming summer?

In any case, I´ve decided to wake up my blog now. There is so much going on in the world and I need to talk/blog about it.

If you are interested in what I have to say, then welcome back for more.

PS: The blog´s layout is a work in progress, so expect some changes over time.


Life is magical

Rantings Posted on Tue, June 03, 2014 04:54:14

As I listen to the ancient Tibetan chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” it occurs to me that so few of us actually enjoy life in a spiritual sense.

The joy of living, experiencing, the joy of discovering the wonder of our potential for change.

Change is good, as is conflict — conflict and change give us new opportunities to reshape our lives and choose a better life for ourselves and for others. Those that do everything to avoid change and conflict are avoiding learning from life!

Randy Travis (Country music star) sings in one of his songs that “it is not what we take with us when we leave that matters, it is what we leave behind”.

We choose to have the life that we lead, although our choices are not always enlightened ones. Happily, if we make bad choices, we can also make better choices.

All too many older people tend to forget the magic of life, the exhilaration of doing something for the first time, the joy of making others happy. They sink down into contemplation of their bad choices, not understanding that they can make better ones! That is tragic.

Making mistakes in life is a good thing, if we learn from them.

As Lord Buddha said:

Learn from the Past
Plan for the Future
Live Now